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Discover Your Inner Peace
Guided Meditation

The goal at My Place of Serenity is to create a welcoming safe space where you can explore your spirituality and learn how to achieve a deeper state of meditation. I believe that everyone has the ability to access a higher consciousness, and here I can help guide you to access your journey of self-discovery.


My guided meditation classes are designed to help you focus your mind and let go of distractions so that you can tap into your inner wisdom, help you discover your true self and reach a state of inner connection. Whether you're new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, these classes are tailored to all levels of experience.


I will help you find your inner peace which in turn may help unlock new levels of self-awareness. Join me for a group or individual class/session.


The group classes are small, intimate, and in a comfortable safe setting. Also, a collective meditation can be very powerful and healing. Individual sessions are meditations that are tailored to each persons individual needs. Join me at My Place of Serenity today and start your journey.

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