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A Journey Within Series

This six session series is designed for those who are ready to commit to making a positive change in their life. The immersive style of this guided meditation process will take you on a transformational journey through a course of six sessions, each designed to build on the last. I will help you to find and connect with your inner true self that may lead you to receiving long awaited answers to questions you've always had. I am a Guided Meditation Facilitator  and Spiritual coach and I will guide you inward on a deep journey of self discovery.


This Journey will help you connect to your spiritual center and unlock the small still voice of knowing that is within all of us. With this immersive style of guided meditation, your journey will leave you feeling connected, centered, and balanced. You will learn to breathe in a way that will help you to quiet the noise of the exterior world so that you can enter a deeply relaxed state and there you may by pass the negative talk and find the answers you've been searching for through your inner world. I will send you home each week with recorded meditations and tools to help you continue your journey on your own.


The deep insight you will receive may lead you to discovering the path to your true potential, answer the questions that have always been within you, and give you clarity of thought that can change your very outlook on life. It may be the deep inner experience you've been searching for and you won't want to miss out on! Call or send me an email or book now to find out more, and how this can help you.

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